Overall reconstruction of daycare center premises. One of the core components of the reconstruction is the Garage bed system. The beds, the sides of which resemble cars, are easily pulled out from under the podium, which occupies about half of the room. They are pushed back just as easily; to top it off, they do not need to be covered with bedding, much to the delight of daycare staff. The modular Garage system allows converting the entire useful space of the room for games and activities, while the beds are pulled out from under the podium only for sleep. The stackable furniture allows freeing up space for events at any time. In addition to the play area, MY DAYCARE CENTER project also includes the transformation of the locker room, the bathroom and the catering unit.
    MY SCHOOL Project
    MY SCHOOL Project i
    CLASSROOM. TEACHER’S TOOLBOX modular board system combines a storage space and a writing board with all features of a modern classroom (board, interactive whiteboard, projector). An adaptive system for any classroom configuration with various types of modules depending on the educational profile of a particular classroom. HALLS & CORRIDORS A seamless concept of functional and modern zonal equipment. SCHOOL CAMPUS Organizing school campuses to meet the needs of modern schoolchildren. SPECIAL AREAS Organizing recreation and leisure areas for schoolchildren and teachers in line with modern trends.