Eddy table

Thought that you would not be surprised at children's tables? Before you is a real star - a stackable, growing table "Eddie". You get not just a table with completely different countertops, but also a multifunctional workplace for 4 children 3-7 years old with height adjustment. The removable worktops of the stacked table - unique educational and entertainment opportunities for children. Kids will lay the foundation in order to become artists, writers, engineers ...


In the center is a convenient hole for a glass with stationery, and the height is perfectly adjustable. Reliable materials in the hands of masters turned into a table "Eddie", which will be the best friend for children.

The design is ergonomic and easy to use. It will help to combine game and training in one tandem to make it truly interesting! Add more Teddy chairs to the table and everything is assembled!

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