Skeleton chair
    Skeleton chair i
    Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle are the cause of spinal problems, scoliosis and excess weight. But not now! Our specialists studied the features of the spine during prolonged sitting work and developed an original design embodied in the Skeleton chair. Now, sitting in the workplace for 7-8 hours, you not only don't harm your health, but also contribute to maintaining good physical shape. Use this time with additional benefits for your health!
    Turtle Stool
    Turtle Stool i
    Lightweight, miniature stool will find application in any apartment, as an additional place, for example, for guests. The model is made of high quality birch plywood and solid beech. The bright design of the SkeletON collection is very versatile, perfect for both home and office. A stool is assembled on its own in literally 10 minutes. TurtleStool is also a wonderful gift. Creative packaging and useful content will please anyone, regardless of gender and age!
    Bull stool
    Bull stool i
    The BullStool bar stool is a continuation of the Skeleton collection. Like other brethren, it is made of birch plywood of the highest quality and solid beech. BullStool retained all the features of the model range: light weight, pleasant ergonomics, structural strength, original design. BullStool Bar - will fill your interior with mood and unrestrained dynamics of lines.
    Whale lounge
    Whale lounge i
    Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle are the cause of spinal problems, scoliosis and excess weight. But not now!
    The unique design, which follows the contour of the body, can withstand almost any weight. The elegant ventilated lamellas made of natural birch plywood and eco-friendly coatings of this chaise lounge allow you to fit into any design decision of your room, office or home. This chaise lounge will leave an impression of unforgettable rest and relaxation that gives you a state of calm and peace for the whole day. "Whale Lounge" plunge into serenity.
    Brahma Chair
    Brahma Chair i
    “Brahma chair” is a chair for meditation, in a new modern format that meets the ergonomic requirements for long sitting with crossed legs, created taking into account many years of experience. The stylish look gives him the opportunity to take his rightful place in the modern interior as a self-contained piece of furniture.

    Salone Satellite 2107 // Art Liga // National Russian Cabriole Exhibitor at the ELLE Decoration booth at iSaloni 2018

    frame: bent plywood
    legs: solid beech, tinted varnish (dark walnut) upholstery: foam rubber, velor
    design: Legchatov design